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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First the Seminar for May Then the Classes for Summer



May 15, 10am-3:30pm

*This seminar clarifies the roll of character and expression as tools for storytelling.

Expression, what it is and isn't, how it really works, how character acts as a booster for expression and not as a replacement for it. We will have two character models helping us throughout the day working indepdently as well as with each other.

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Summer 2010 Day Classes


12 Mondays, JUNE 7 - AUGUST 30, 9:30am - 4pm. Fee: $300.

This course deals with the fundamentals and development of head and figure painting. Attention will be given to anatomy, structure and form followed with emphasis on character, mood and action. We will examine and explore different theories of color, the value scale, direct and indirect light and procedures used by various artists throughout history. There will be a running dialogue about composition and it's importance. I will give a one day lecture tour of a Los Angeles museum. Finally, a look at personal approach, inviting the student to challenge established norms and limitations.

Note: no class July 5


12 Fridays, JUNE 4 - AUGUST 20, 9:30am - 4pm. Fee: $300.

This intensive class will help you kick your figure drawing skills into high gear. Dynamics are the key to making a truly powerful drawing. Using a variety of materials with fundamental and advanced techniques, we will cover key drawing concepts, analyze old master drawings and discuss how to observe ond organize form. The study ranges from quick sketch to modeling form with special attention given to composition and anatomy.

Summer 2010 Night Classes


12 Monday nights, JUNE 7 - AUGUST 30, 7 - 10pm. Fee: $180.

This class is designed to intensify the fundamental understanding of structure and form developed in earlier classes. The objective is clarity of expression. Attention will be given to anatomy, conceptualizing form and troubleshooting difficult poses. We will work on the description of form and design with tone in longer, more complete drawings with emphasis on integration of the parts, compositional structure and anatomical relationship.

Note: no class July 5


12 Wednesday nights, JUNE 2 - AUGUST 15, 7 - 10pm. Fee: $180.

Principles of story structure and visual storytelling for television and feature animation. Exercises stress invention and creativity within the context of a given structure, story mechanics, continuity, staging, gag structure, character, etc. Three storyboard assignments cover a complete range of variables a story artist might encounter. *Some understanding of visual perspective is advised.


12 Thursday nights, JUNE 3 - AUGUST 19, 7 - 10pm. Fee: $180.

A basic foundation figure drawing class. Emphasis on fundamentals of observing, interpreting and describing form. Procedures used in quick sketch, construction and fundamentals of volume and structure. The goal is to develop the ability to draw with skill and imagination.